Windows/Linux Kernel and User Level Software Developer

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Cyber Risk Prediction and Protection

As a Windows/Linux Kernel and User Level developer, you’ll be the brain behind crafting, developing, testing, going live and maintaining the endpoint agent. You are passionate about understanding the business context for features built to drive better customer experience and adoption.


Develop, debug and test kernel and user level code using the C/C++ language.
Create, test, manage, and peer review code as each developer is required to fulfill multiple roles.
Work in a small team environment.


Minimum 2+ years of software development experience.
Strong understanding of object-oriented programming.
Deep knowledge in .NET 4.0 Framework, Visual Studio 20 s15, C#.
Windows C/C++ specific development.
Understanding of Windows/Linux operating systems and programming environments.
Experience with multi-threaded Windows applications.
Experience troubleshooting crash dumps.
Experience troubleshooting BSODs.

Required Knowledge:

Understanding of Windows/Linux Operating System Internals.
Experience with low-level OS/platform.
Concepts such as Kernel memory management, Interrupts, IRQL, paging, and thread scheduling.

Soft Skills, Education, Other:

We are a small company. A successful candidate will have a desire to work as part of a small, growing team.
Ability to work in a team, communicate clearly, adapt, learn quickly, and pay attention to detail.
BSc in Computer Science (or if you know how to do the above).

About Vicarius:

We protect clients against exploitation of yet-to-be-discovered software vulnerabilities.

The platform, called Topia, analyzes existing trends in attacks to identify the common attributes each trend targets.

The process is done by reverse engineering of the software’s binary code, using machine learning algorithms to represent its neural networks and formulate popular attribute patterns. This process identifies targets which will be attacked in the future along a proactive protection of them using advanced instrumentation technology DBI (Dynamic Binary Instrumentation).

Vicarius was founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs from the information-security industry and operates from JVP Media Quarter.

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