CTO Club JLM: Meetup #4 W/ Executive VP R&D of OrCam-Yoni Wexler


August 17


07:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Made in Jerusalem

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28 Derech Hebron

Jerusalem, Israel

*This event is closed to CTOs & VP Engineering.

Yonatan Wexler, Executive VP R&D of OrCam will be discussing the basics of TensorFlow. It gradually gets to implementation of Deep Learning algorithms. The presentation is mostly coding-on-the-screen, and assumes knowledge of python.

A bit on Yoni:
Yoni graduated as a Ph.D. in 2000, working with Professor Rama Chellappa in the CfAR Lab. at the University of Maryland and with Amnon Shashua from Hebrew University. His Ph.D. thesis was titled Tensor Methods for Vision and Graphics. He continued his post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford’s Visual Geometry Group with Andrew Zisserman and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel with Michal Irani. This was followed by a researcher role in Microsoft’s MSN/Virtual Earth Group where he conducted leading research into new technology in the Computer Vision field. He is constantly involved in academic research & in industrial implementation. His work has been concentrated particularly on the recovery and representation of scenes from images. His research focuses on finding computational methods that enable accurate and efficient use of pictorial data, both in images and video sequences. He has a solid success record in the development of research proposals, patents and publications as well as in consulting roles.

19:30-20:00 – Sushi and mingling

20:00-20:45 – Yoni Wexler on “The Basics of TensorFlow”

20:45-21:30 – Q&A with Yoni Wexler

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