CTO Club JLM: Meetup #9 with Yossi Tsuria, Former CTO at NDS


January 23


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Made in Jerusalem


CTO Club JLM is Jerusalem’s monthly meetup, exclusively for CTOs and VP Engineering. This month we will be joined by Yossi Tsuria, former CTO & Executive VP of Strategy and Technology at NDS speaking on “How to reach Zero Piracy? Lessons from the real world experience of NDS”.

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More on the talk: For years PayTV was a juicy target for the Cyber Crime. They predict that for every $1M that the PayTV operators make from charging their subscribers, they could easily “get” at least 10% by breaking the system and offer the subscribers a much cheaper alternative. NDS used to protect more than $100Bn worth of our customers revenue, so anyone can do the calculation. And indeed for several years in the 90 our system were hacked. How did we succeed to recover from this situation and provide our customers more than 15 years of Zero Piracy.

A bit on Yossi: Mathematician, (Bar Ilan University and the Weizmann Institute), loves wisdom and technology, and believes in the ability of technology to make our world a better world. One of the founders of NDS, in which he held senior management positions as a CTO and Senior Vice President in charge of strategy and technology. Inventor with more than 50 patents in the field of smart television and the fight against piracy. Entrepreneur, investor and mentor in start-ups and social ventures. Currently, leading the Carmel 6000 project, which is planning to put Israel on the map of the global high-tech as a center for hi-tech for society.


19:00-19:30 – Mingling, Sushi & Whiskey

19:30-20:30 – Yossi Tsuria on “How to reach Zero Piracy? Lessons from the real world experience of NDS”.

20:30-21:00 – Q&A and discussion with Yossi

See you there!
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